Readly - Magazine Subscription Service - Review

Have you heard of Readly before?  I had, however didn't really know too much about what they offer and didn't consider it would be a service that I would really use. Readly offered me the chance to trail their service in order to get to know whats on offer and decide whether the service would be right for us. 

Readly is a subscription based magazine service. Think of every magazine on the shelf of your closest WHSmith store and Readly will have digital access to all of these plus hundreds more. 

I haven't really considered reading magazines digitally before. Not long ago I had a years subscription to Xbox magazine and I used to look forward to it being being delivered and having a read through the glossy pages, however with so much information now available for free online it didn't seem like good value at the time. I guess this is why so many magazines have gone out of publication over the last few years.

However, when you consider that for a few pounds each month you can have access to hundreds of monthly magazines then that changes my view of value and although I don't have the glossy magazine to pick up and read I do have the ability to read on any of my devices, at any time.

Set up is easy, like most other subscription based services, you need to sign up with your email address and select a payment method. There are numerous offers always available for free trails so make sure you have a search for a code so that you can see the volume on offer before you sign up. 

Once signed in you can choose the category you would like to read from, our search for your favourite.  Categories are very varied. Whether you are looking for the latest Technology, Lifestlye, Politics or even Wedding Planning there is a category for you. Each available magazine shows the cover. Once you click the cover the latest issue and back catalogue will come into view for you to choose which one you want to read.  You can also download your magazines within the app to read if you are offline - great for plane reading!

As you would expect everything opens quickly and the magazines are all in high definition graphics. You can zoom in and out to make the size right for you and bookmark pages to come back to.  You can set favourites and even choose which language you want to view in. 

Readly is aimed more at adults than children. There is a childrens section, however content is limited and mine didn't want to read any of the magazines on offer. 

I was really surprised at just how much content is available on Readly. For a small monthly cost you won't ever need to buy a magazine again. Do you still read magazines? Let me know if you have any recommendations! 

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