Kick Air Manchester Football & Trampoline Park

As it was raining for part of the week this half term we ventured to Kick Air in Manchester to have some football and trampoline fun. 

Kick Air is an indoor Freestyle Park with plenty to do for all ages including the adults. Firstly there is the Trampoline Freestyle section,  called the Air Zone.  Within the Air Zone, you have access to the entire trampoline section which includes a dodgeball area, basketball area, and a total wipeout area where you can jump from a height and land in a safe airbag down below.

Before you enter the Air Zone you will need to watch the safety briefing so I would recommend getting there early in order to ensure that you have this done before your start time.  There can be quite a queue at check in, so make sure you have completed your waivers online before you arrive and leave enough time to put on your Kick Air Socks, watch the safety briefing and put your things away in a locker.  You need a one pound coin for the locker which is refunded. 

We have been to quite a few trampoline parks now over the last few years, as they have become more popular, however Kick Air remains our favourite due to the addition of the Kick Zone. 

Here you have five separate football activities, situated in a room next to the Air Zone. Our favourite is definitely Robokeeper - which is as it sounds. You take shots at an electronic keeper who will move to keep your shots out and is strangely very effective.  The difficulty can be decreased for smaller players by the operator. This is the only football activity that is constantly manned by staff. There is usually a small queue to play, maybe up to six people at any one time and you all just take turns again and again for as long as you wish within your paid for time. 

We also enjoyed the Passing Zone, where you have two teams on either side of a wall with cut out holes in that you need to pass the ball through. There are plenty of balls and plenty of room for kicking. This will really help get your accuracy up and is fun too. 

Then there is the Darts area, a huge inflatable dart board which you can fire balls at that will stick to the points area. You could also try the Wall Jam target area or the football pool tables. 

Kick Air also has its own Cafe and play area for younger children. They have offers on from time to time offering free Tango Ice Blasts or Ice Creams when you buy a 2 hour session.  

We had a great time at Kick Air and will definitely be returning again. Have you been? What was your favourite activity? 



  1. I love the dart board what a great idea!! so who got the double top?!!

  2. This looks great fun, not been here yet. Trampolines we would do first