Zimpli Kids - Slime Blaster & Gelli Baff - Review

When we aren't busy playing with some tech toy or other we all really enjoy having fun outside in the garden especially when the sun is out, We usually end up having some kind of water fight at the end of the day.

Zimpli Kids sent us their Slime Blaster to try out with some refills along with some of their Gelli Bath products to continue the messy play in the bath afterwards.  The Slime Blaster comes with 12 Slime Blaster sachets which you simply add to the water tank after filling the tank with water. After waiting for a minute or so and shaking the blaster, the slime is ready to shoot.

Each sachet last you about 5 minutes of blasting and is lots of fun as long as you don't mind being covered in slime!  The refills are easy to do and as the blaster comes with 12 then there are plenty to be getting on with. You can also buy extra refills to ensure that the fun carries on.

Once nice and slimy - what usually comes next is a wash.  Or what about a bath - and even better what about a Gelli Baff.  No need to get really clean, just add the powder to your readily filled bath, mix for a short while and there we are - a nice Gelli Baff to slither into and continue the slimy fun.

This black Batman Gelli Baff is just perfect for us, with the superhero theme and the colour of the Bath is just amazing.   There are plenty more available from Zimpli Kids with lots of other colours and types and now even options for bath bombs too.

Please note that the products sent to us are for review only and all photographs and opinions are our own.

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