Fortnite Season 9 - Better Than Season 8?

Fortnite Season 9 is out and we are hoping that it is better than Season 8. We didn't play season 8 much at all and is one of the first battle passes we haven't actually completed for some time.  When Epic games introduced 'Endgame' featuring the Avengers and Thanos we started to enjoy Fortnite again.
'Endgame' has finished now so lets have a look at whats new in Season 9. 

We have some new locations on the map. The ever popular Tilted Towers has become Neo Tilted after  the volcano destroyed the old Tilted at the end of Season 8. Neo Tilted is a bright, futuristic Tilted with its own new travel system, Slipstream Tunnels. These let players jump in and fly down a sort of wind tunnel to the next slipstream tunnel and so on. These can be used to fly around Neo Tilted and even take vehicles into. 

Mega Mall replaces Retail Row, again with a more futuristic feel and its own Slipstream Tunnel travel system.  Mega Mall is as detailed as you would expect and also has many air vents that are also great for quick travel.

You can also find a new house, John Wicks house and hotel, found to the east of Paradise Palms, right on the coast and is a real replica of his house from the films.  You can even find a chest stash in the basement of the house by hacking the floor by the filing cabinets.  

The Combat Shotgun has been added to weapons, which are enjoying especially if you find the legendary version.  Clingers and Balloons have been vaulted.

The Battle Pass is as usual filled with plenty of unlockables, new characters and also the addition of Fortbytes, which are a series of in game collectibles which once collected will form images that should decrypt the secrets of series 9. 

We are enjoying Season 9 so far, and are looking forward to whats to come over the next few weeks. What is your favourite new addition? 

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  1. I will show my son this post as I think he is into this.