Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
I have owned an iPhone for the last few years and upgraded each time the new phone was released,  Until now. My last iPhone was the 6 Plus 128gb monster of a phone and I lovingly cared for it for a full 18 months. It was great, I couldn't imagine ever parting with my beloved phone, well until the 7 came in any case.
Now, I have had a love hate relationship with android. I owned an early android phone (cant remember which one now) and I absolutely hated the OS.  hated it.  But then I decided at some point to go for Galaxy S3 and I liked it. Not loved, but liked, and when the screen finally met with some concrete I skipped back to iPhone. 

I do however have a fascination with Android based boxes, you know the likes of the Droidbox ones, and most recently obtained a Nvidia Shield TV - which is amazing but for another post, another time. 

So as my research developed deeper into the S7 edge and all its glorious features - waterproof - really - waterproof?  and its associated VR promo - I was sold, nearly. I did want to get a hands on with the device first, and although it wasn't for long in a phone shop, I came out with the Wow factor. Then I was sold. 

Where to start - there are so many positives for this phone its unreal. I will focus on five simple points. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Display - For me I like a sharp display and this ticks the box. Sharp, colourful, makes the nearest rival iPhone look a little washed out. I'm guessing there is some data out there to disprove me, but I know what I like, and I like this display. 

Speed - I also like speed, not talking about 4g here, I'm talking speed of operation, how long it takes from when I click to open an app for it to open. And what happens if I open 10 at once.  I have the capability to do that so I expect my phone to do the same.  And it does. the speed of the processor here is amazing. And from what I have read the UK and European versions have a faster processor than its USA counterpart - fair? No - but I'll live with it. 

Looks - I want my phone to look nice.  Other than my wife and children its probably the only other thing I will look at every single day on multiple occasions, so it should look good. Does it? Definitely.  The design looks not too different to the S6 Edge, but its bigger. And shinier. And just nicer. 

Music capability - I love music on my phone. I listen in the car, at home, in bed, wherever really so the music player has to be top notch.  and here unfortunately for me the iPhone trumps it. Maybe I am just so used to the iPhone interface, or maybe it was because I felt the need to purchase a player off the google play store that swung it, but I just didn't like the built in player. 

Storage - It has always annoyed me that phone companies slap an extra few hundred quid on the price for an extra, say 64 gb,  A micro SD for 64gb will set you back around £30 - so where's the logic and fairness in that. Luckily Samsung have seen sense and market just a 32gb version of the S7 with a micro SD slot. Thankyou Samsung. 

So - Am I pleased I made the jump,? Yes.  I never thought I would leave Apple behind but I am glad I did and I won't be looking back. 

Do you own either phone? What is your opinion?

Tech Savvy Dad

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  1. I much prefer Android to Iphone and I think they last much longer